Our Story

Through education, industry innovation and a concentration on customer service, The VerdeGoh! family of companies revolutionizes the way sustainable products are developed, positioned and sold at retail.

Thanks for visiting us at VerdeGoh! - Electric Vehicles. This is the electric mobility division of VerdeGoh! We opened VerdeGoh - Electric Vehicles to help citizens and organizations of the Mid-South region learn about and experience the benefits of electric transportation.

The Founder and President of VerdeGoh! - Electric Vehicles is Josh Womack. Josh Womack is a 34-year old Nashville, Tennessee native who now resides in Franklin, TN with his wife and two children. Josh's history with alternative energy vehicles started back almost 25 years ago when he won 2nd Place in Nashville's citywide Junior High Science Fair with a car concept that used electro-magnetic power in the wheels to move the vehicle. The concept didn't work, but seemed impressive enough to the judges that he was accused of cheating (at least that's the way Josh remembers it).

Josh Womack self-financed his entire college education starting at age 17 and was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug early co-founding two separate and successful Nashville-based branding businesses; Pure Fusion Media and PFM Logistics.

In addition to Mr. Womack's entrepreneurial spirit, he has been an advocate of sustainability and green living during most of his professional career, with a particular concentration on alternative energy, fuel and vehicles. Previously, Mr. Womack has concentrated most of his efforts on non-commercial advocacy for these causes. In 2008, Josh decided that alternatives just weren't coming to consumers quick enough, so he took matters into his own hands by forming VerdeGoh! - Electric Vehicles.

We look forward to helping you free yourself from the chains of oil. So be free and go electric!

So what has Josh done that involves alternative fuel, energy and transportation?

- Advocacy for Nashville Electric Service's implementation of TVA's "Green Power Switch" program (2002)
- Advocacy for Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority's biodiesel test program for buses (2003)
- Founded "LiFuel" as an alternative fuel/energy/vehicle advocacy mechanism and as a possible brand for future retail biofuel and electric charging concept (March 2004)
- Attended National AFV (Alternative Fuel Vehicle) Day Odyssey in Knoxville, TN (April 2004)
- Worked on PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric) national advocacy with CalCars, Plug-in Partners (Austin Electric), etc. (2005-present)
- Advocated increased use of NEV/LSV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles /Low-Speed Vehicles) in Franklin, TN through media and City Government (Summer 2006)
- Created Neighborhood Sustainability Organization at TND/New Urban model community Westhaven (August 2006)
- Requested in June of 2007 to Tennessee State Legislature to amend LSV/NEV State Law to be amended to include additional flexibility for MSV (medium speed vehicles). State Representative Glen Casada introduced House Bill 2679 and State Senator Jack Johnson introduced Senate Bill 2857 in January 2008 based on Mr. Womack's request. Both Bills overwhelmingly passed, were signed into law by Governor Phil Bredesen and became effective on July 1st, 2008.
- Attendance of TN Governor Phil Bredesen's "Bio-TENN" all-day conference (June 2007)
- Serves on Williamson County's "Keep Williamson Beautiful" Advisory Council (July 2007-Present).
- Is a member of the Clean Air Partners of Williamson County (2007-Present)
- Serves on the City of Franklin's Sustainability Task Force (2008-Present)
- Gave closing statements at AFV Day Odyssey Event in Nashville. Nashville was the kick-off location for over 80 cities that participated. (October, 2008)
- Busting his tail daily to help bring about change for a better and smarter future