February 25th, 2009
Jeffrey Davis and the Fun Times Guide do an upbeat and comprehensive bit on VerdeGoh! – Electric Vehicles, VerdeGoh! – General Store. Plus there's a also a pretty neat link to a YouTube Video. But yes Jeffrey, you need to get YOUR speedometer fixed. The ZENN is programmed with a top speed of 35 MPH, no way it was doing 40...
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February 19th, 2009
The Tennessean discusses how the City of Franklin is considering the HiLine XG-2 from VerdeGoh! as the replacement for its aging, gas-powered traffic enforcement vehicle. It should be noted that the City of Franklin may have budgeted for a "Pinto", but ultimately realized that they needed/wanted the "Cadillac". VerdeGoh! gave the best and most competitive bid we could under the specifications given to us by the City of Franklin.
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February 6th, 2009

VerdeGoh! – General Store Plans approved by the City of Franklin!, Tomberlin unveils the Shelby Cobra GT-500 Special Edition Emerge E2 and is finally bringing the ANVIL to market this year.

Our second round of plans for the VerdeGoh! – General Store in Westhaven Town Center were approved by the City of Franklin today. We have been working on this part of the VerdeGoh! master plan since late 2006. It's very exciting knowing that we'll pull building permits next week to get this store built-out quickly and open. Our sustainabile-lifestyle General Store concept will be the most comprehensive and innovative of its kind in the region. We can't wait to help Middle Tennesseans learn what "green" means to them.

There's also some exciting things happening at Tomberlin. This year, Tomberlin is offering a Shelby Cobra-inspired Emerge E2 as its special edition. This unique, limited edition Emerge E2 bears the Carroll Shelby endorsement and trademarks, while also having a whole bunch of performance and aesthetic upgrades. This is a great, aggressive neighborhood vehicle sure to turn heads and delight any auto racing enthusiast. Check under the Tomberlin section of our site for more info and photos and call us for pricing info.

Speaking of aggressive. Tomberlin is finally launcing the ANVIL this year. Expected delivery is this summer. The ANVIL is like the Emerge on steroids and then some. You can go to for photos, specs and other info on this "suburban assault vehicle". For you macho, adventure guys out there, this will be the one to ride. VerdeGoh! – Electric Vehicles should have a demo of the ANVIL late spring, early summer.

January 29th, 2009
The 2009 Tax Credits for NEVs (i.e. VerdeGoh!'s current electric cars) are in JEOPARDY. We need your help! The big automobile lobbyists are trying to kill the Tax Credits already planned for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles for the 2009 tax cycle. Particularly, pressure is being applied to the Federal Senate Finance Committee. The "Big Guys" don't want American Taxpayers to buy any electric vehicles unless they come from the "Big Guys".

The problem is, the "Big Guys" won't have product for 2-3 years, whereas you can buy street-legal electric cars from VerdeGoh! and other small, innovative dealers like us TODAY. Please contact your Congressional Senators and the Senate Finance Committee IMMEDIATELY and tell them to support Senator Hatch and Senator Cantwell's Amendment S. 271 that allows Tax Credits for NEVs to start THIS YEAR as Congress intended when it passed the Alternative Energy Incentive legislation last October.

January 27th, 2009
Nashville's FOX17 News does a story on VerdeGoh! – Electric Vehicles, VerdeGoh! – General Store and VerdeGoh!'s plans for our emerging charging network for Middle Tennessee.
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January 25th, 2009
Nashville's Channel 2 News does a story on VerdeGoh! - Electric Vehicles.
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December 27th, 2008
Zenn's Energy Storage Partner EESTOR recieves U.S. patent for breakthrough Ultra-Capacitor battery technology.
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December 23rd, 2008
VerdeGoh! – Electric Vehicles launches its website and prepares for the coming 2009 Tax Credits for its electric cars. VerdeGoh! has also submitted the plans to the City of Franklin for the VerdeGoh! – General Store at Westhaven Town Center and anticipates beginning the build-out in early January.

December 13th, 2008
VerdeGoh! – Electric Vehicles showcases the HiLine XG-T Utility Truck and helped to represent the Westhaven Community at the Leiper's Fork Holiday Parade.

November 13th-15th, 2008
VerdeGoh! will be attending the Second Annual Summit For A Sustainable Tennessee at David Lipscomb University in Nashville. We will have some information about both VerdeGoh! – Electric Vehicles and the upcoming Green Lifestyle Retail Concept VerdeGoh! – General Store. We also hope to display one or more of our electric vehicles at this event. Please visit for more information.

November 9th, 2008
VerdeGoh! – Electric Vehicles and VerdeGoh! – General Store will be attending the Westhaven Holiday Market in the Westhaven Community in Franklin, TN on Sunday, November 9th. The event will take place at the Westhaven Resident’s Club at 401 Cheltenham Ave. from 2PM – 5PM. We’ll have some vehicle on display and Josh Womack will have information about the coming Tax Credits for our vehicles. Also, be sure to check out the VerdeGoh! – General Store table where Catherine Womack will be giving a sneak peek of some of the items that we’ll be carrying in the General Store which is under construction in Franklin. Maybe you’ll find that perfect green gift for a loved one for this holiday season.

November, 7th 2008
VerdeGoh! will be conducting the “Zenn Caravan” Event in downtown Nashville. The “Zenn Caravan” will start in downtown Nashville and travel through several downtown neighborhoods showcasing the Zenn Car’s practicality as an urban core vehicle. We will have several other partners participating and some thematic entertainment to go along with the traveling show. We will also have several checkpoints along the way where the public will get to experience the Zenn close-up. Check back for more information as the event comes together and be on the lookout for some special announcements during that event!

October 25th, 2008
VerdeGoh! attends the open house for the “Five Points Benefits” house in downtown Franklin and demos and discusses our electric vehicles. This historic home has been recently remodeled as an Energy Star-rated “green building” by Five Points Benefits owners (and VerdeGoh! friends) James and Lisa Smith. The Five Points Benefits team runs their operations out of this building and included solar power and electric car plug-in outlets in their remodel in addition to many other green and energy efficient techniques and products. Visit them at

October 23rd, 2008
- VerdeGoh! sponsors “unplugged day” on Nashville’s Independent Radio Station WRLT “Lightning 100”. In addition to the “unplug your music, plug-in your car” theme, VerdeGoh!’s acoustic jingle started playing as well.

October 23rd, 2008
VerdeGoh! delivers a Zenn Car to NASA’s Marshall Space Center/Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. You know we’re onto something when the “rocket scientists” start looking for innovative new ways of transportation!

October 20th, 2008
VerdeGoh! attends the 2008 Clean Air Partnership Breakfast. VerdeGoh! friend Jeff Barrie, the maker of the documentary KILOWATT OURS, spoke and Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson gave VerdeGoh! a little “plug” as we accepted our partnership award.

October 15th, 2008
VerdeGoh! spent the afternoon at Miss Cordelia’s at Harbor Town on Mud Island in downtown Memphis. The ZENN was on display and we got to talk about the merits and benefits of electric urban mobility in downtown Memphis.

October 6th, 2008
VerdeGoh! attends both the Nashville & Chattanooga 2008 AFV Odyssey Event on October 3rd. VerdeGoh! founder Josh Womack delivered a spirited statement in Nashville and then rushed down to Chattanooga to meet VerdeGoh! Service Technician Jordan Ciaramitaro to close out the Chattanooga Event with success!

click here to see some of ETCFC Director Jonathan Overly’s photos from the Chattanooga Event: click here to watch:

October 1st, 2008
Learn About VerdeGoh!’s Electric Vehicles and their capabilities for Middle Tennessee on the October 2008 edition of the “Air Care” Show. (our segment is about half-way through the show)

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August 21st, 2008
Nashville’s CBS affiliate WTVF Channel 5 ran a lead-off story on Franklin’s Green City Initiative and VerdeGoh! Electric Vehicles.

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August 11th, 2008
- VerdeGoh! joins Debbie Henry for the TMA Green News Show with Tom “The Voice of Williamson County” Lawrence for some conversation on WAKM 950 AM.

August 4th, 2008
VerdeGoh! founder Josh Womack joins WRLT’s Mary Brace for a three part interview about VerdeGoh!, electric vehicles, energy, oil and a host of other topics…

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July 7th, 2008
- The Tennessean ran a front page article on Neighborhood Electric Vehicles and VerdeGoh!’s involvement with Tennessee’s new Medium Speed Vehicle law. They also did a video with Josh Womack and the Hiline XG-4

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