One of Verdegoh! - Electric Vehicles' main objectives is to help the general consumer find practical and convenient ways to use electric transportation in their everyday lives. We understand that many of our current electric car options aren't the "silver bullet" all application solution for many potential users. However, for most folks our current vehicles are fully capable to provide basic day-to-day transportation for most people's local driving needs.

We see most of our current vehicles as being a second or third household vehicle that can be used for those visits down the road to your office, the grocery, the cleaners, a restaurant or a friend's home. These vehicles are great stepping-stone platforms for users to get accostomed to "plugging in" instead of "filling up." All our vehicles plug in to standard 110-120 volt household outlets. You can plug them up at home or at public charging stations that you'll start seeing soon in your area (*some charging stations will even provide rapid charging from 220-240 volt power). Additionally, you'll be able to "opportunity charge" through VerdeGoh!'s merchant partners who will let you sip some of their electricity while you're shopping or visiting their location.

So, if you need to, you can keep your gas-guzzler now for times when you need longer road-trips and have your electric vehicle for cleaner, cheaper and U.S.-powered mobility for your everyday neighborhood needs. Plus, that neighborhood electric vehicle you buy today will still be fully capable in a couple of years when you replace that highway gas guzzler for an electric highway car from VerdeGoh!